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  • Where are you located?
    You can find us at 2110 Ellsworth Blvd (Route 9), Malta NY 12020.
  • What are your hours?
    We are open Wednesday - Sunday 8am-3pm. We are closed Monday, Tuesday, and Holidays.
  • Can I see a menu?
    During the holidays we offer a special seasonal menu, which can be found at Our regular daily menu can be found on our website Our custom order menus, including custom cakes, custom cupcakes, and other custom items, can be found at
  • Where are the breakfast sandwiches?
    I am a scratch baker first and foremost and the bakery and its baked goods will always be my priority. However, with that said, the community has spoken! Sandwiches are be available Wednesday-Sunday 8am - 11am. The sandwiches are available on our house made plain or everything bagels, or croissants. We offer delivery to save you time, which is available at In time as we get acclimated with this new service, and when we have the manpower and resources to do so, we will extend the service to eventually include lunches. Baby steps.
  • Do you make Allergen Free or Diet Specialty products? Gluten Free, Vegan, Sugar Free, etc.?"
    No. Although I am extremely careful, there is always the potential for cross-contact of allergens as I can provide NO guarantees. Furthermore, my kitchen actively uses nuts. If you have a food allergy of any kind, it is purchase at your own risk. Although I have a few items on my menu that could technically fall into some of these categories (See my Summit Snack Line), I do not offer a gluten-free, sugar-free, keto or vegan friendly items at this time. To learn more about our Summit Snacks please visit our website
  • How do I place a custom (cake, etc.) order?"
    First, visit our custom order page on our website: Here you will be able to break down cake size, flavors, fillings,and design level examples. This will give you an overall estimate of cost. 2) Next, stop in the shop during our regular business hours to finalize your order. Inspirational photos are helpful so if you have one please bring it. Also, please be prepared to leave a booking deposit . If you choose to call in your order there is a 4% service charge for all manual card payments. (This is what the bakery is charged by the card processing company) If you are booking a wedding cake you will need to schedule a consultation time with Kate. She likes to personally sit down with each couple to make sure she has all details covered for your special day!
  • Are you hiring?
    Applications can be found at: We are always accepting resumes and applications for PROFESSIONAL, QUALIFIED individuals. Resumes, which should highlight appropriate experience and/or education, should be emailed to We also have a application on our website you are welcome to fill out. All qualified individuals will be contacted for an interview when a position matching the applicants experience becomes available. Currently we are looking to hire an experienced commercial baker.
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes - select items are available for delivery through GrubHub:
  • Do you ship?
    Not at this time.
  • Why are your prices "so high"?"
    While I am not offended if I do not fit into your budget, you need to understand that with me you are paying for QUALITY. Everything I make is 100% from scratch. Nothing is frozen or comes out of a box. Whenever possible I use fresh ingredients from local farms. I use butter not shortening. My prices not only account for the quality ingredients used, and the craftsmanship that goes into creating my bakes, but it also covers the cost of my tools, utilities, self-employment taxes, liability insurance,the hours actually spent designing your order, time spent shopping for supplies for you order, hours creating your order, hours cleaning up from your order, packaging for your order, and if I'm lucky after all that overhead, there is a little leftover to go towards supporting my family. You do not haggle with your hairdresser, doctor, plumber, or local restaurant. You are not asked to work for less, so please do not ask me to work for less. Baking is a labor of love, but love doesn't pay the bills.
  • What if I am unhappy with the product I received?
    We put so much care, dedication and attention to detail and everything that we make that a unhappy customer is so rare they are basically nonexistent. Each and every order is treated equally, demanding the same amount of quality as anything else we make. If I personally am not 110% satisfied with the outcome of a product, I do not put it out there in the customers hands. However sometimes things do go unnoticed, and mistakes happen. We are human after all. In the event you are ever unsatisfied with one of my products please, please let me know IMMEDIATELY. Return the product to me right away and we will discuss what went wrong, and I will offer solutions on how to make it right. Unfortunately, if you wait 2,3,4 or more days to bring it to my attention or you no longer have the product in full to return to me, there is not much I can do to make things right. If you transport your bakes incorrectly, or store them incorrectly, there is also nothing I can do. But if the product is not up to my usual standard due to my wrongdoing, I want to make it right. So please keep this in mind should you ever run into an issue with one of my bakes.
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