TSFB Subscriptions FAQ

Q: Do I have to sign up as a “member” to purchase a cookie subscription?

A: Yes unfortunately that is how the website works. It’s a back end technical thing and there is no way around it. But being a member comes at no cost to you. In addition it puts you first in line for exclusive offers, and you’ll be the first to know about new and exciting TSFB happenings!


Q: What kinds of cookies will I receive with my subscription?

A: TSFB makes over 200 different types of from scratch gourmet cookies. She has her Signature cookies, seasonal favorites, sandwich cookies, GIANT cookies, small cookies, biscotti Italian cookies and so many more. Each month you will receive a box of all two flavors and the flavors will be different each month! In November and December you will receive a assortment box of seasonal favorites.

Q: How many cookies come in a shipment?

A: The standard shipment contains two pounds worth of cookies.


Q: How are your cookies packaged?

A: Packaging depends on the type of cookie. Some cookies will be individually wrapped, while others will be in a pasty cup or lined up in snug rows. The box they come in will Include food grade filler which will prevent your cookies from moving around and crumbling. The box itself is made of 1/8” thick corrugated cardboard which is made specifically for stacking while being crush resistant.


Q: Can I choose the cookies I will receive?

A: Unfortunately no. The anticipation and surprise of not knowing until you open the box and get that first mouth watering smell, that first delicious bite, is all part of the fun of the subscription membership.


Q: How long are your subscriptions?

A: As long as you would like! TSFB offers multiple options. If you like the flexibility of turning service on and off at your convenience then the month to month option is for you. If you are looking to gift a subscription or are looking for savings in every bite then the 3, 6, and 12 month prepayment plans are the options for you.

Q: How do you ship your cookies?

A: All cookies are mailed Via the USPS. Cookies are shipped the 15th of each month excluding weekends and Holidays.

Q: If I send a subscription as a gift, will you include a message?

A: Yes absolutely! Just be sure to Include your short message under “add a note” in the check out screen.


Q: Do deliveries require a signature?

A: No signature required.