1: Delivery is based on school district and exact location not by zip code and mailing address

2: There is a minimum purchase amount for all delivery areas. If minimum is not met you will be charged a delivery fee

3. Pick up is always an option for everyone.

4. Daily specials are available for delivery. I do not however deliver custom cakes.

Delivery location is based on exact location NOT zip code. To help determine if you are within the city limits consider the school district you are located in. For example, Rt 9 Malta, near the old Tree Pad is considered Malta not Mechanicville even if the area shares the 12118 zip code. Vosberg Rd, Sheldon Hills, etc, is Halfmoon even if the area shares the 12118 zip code.


If you do not meet the minimum requirement there are other delivery options such as a small delivery fee and grouping your orders together. As you add items to your cart, the delivery fee will be added initially, then it will automatically be removed once you added enough product to meet the minimum requirement. Keeping in mind, although your total purchase may meet the minimum, your daily purchase may not. If that is the case, you will receive one delivery on the last day of special ordered, rather than a delivery each day for each special ordered.


I want to accommodate all my customers, including those who do not live directly in the city of Mechanicville. This leaves some days with a extensive amount of travel delivering. Although I try to be consistent and have orders out to you between the 3-4 pm hour, that may not always be the case. As my business grows I have more stops to make, both locally and on the outskirts, which adds time to my travel. Thank you for respecting my time and understanding that I am a one man show.

Mechanicville School District FREE delivery ($10 minimum order)


Stillwater School District (village only) FREE delivery ($10 minimum) Currently I deliver to the Village (Hudson Ave and adjacent side streets) of Stillwater only. The Lake area and other SSD areas are pick up.


Schaghticoke Village area and village side streets only. From Stewart's to the old Prospectors, down 67 heading into Hemstreet Park. FREE Delivery ($20 minimum) All other Schaghticoke areas are pick up only.


Halfmoon, Shen School District only. If you are Mechanicville SD, use Mechanicville for the shipping location. ( $20 minimum) If you are Shen School but Clifton Park, you are pick up only.


Malta Rt 9 area starting at the Round lake / Mechanicville Rt 67 round a bout and as far as CVS and Price chopper. FREE delivery ($30 minimum) All other Malta areas are pick up only.


All other areas that do not fall within the above guidelines are pick up only.


I’m sorry but I do not deliver South of the Twin Bridges, or North of Malta Price Chopper.


Placing a large order of $100 or more and you need delivery? Contact me. Depending on my schedule and the delivery location I will do what I can to accommodate you.


All customers are welcome to no contact porch pick up. Available pick up times vary and will be provided to you once your order is completed. Picks ups are not be later than 8:00 pm. Please be mindful of the weather when choosing porch pick up, as there is no cover to protect your baked goods from the outdoor elements such a rain, snow and heat.


Gift Of Caring donation delivery’s will be on a case by case basis.


As a reminder, everything is made fresh day of delivery. After all baking and packaging is completed is when deliveries go out and when pick ups are available. Typically this is in the 3:00 pm hour, but this may change from day to day. Pick up may result in you receiving your item sooner, inquire day of. If you need a specific pick up time, please make that request noted on your order and I will respond with availability.


I am still a one man show, so I thank you for hanging in there and going with the flow as I make the necessary ongoing changes to accommodate my growing business.