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Giving Back: Requests For Donations


The Sugar Fairy Bakes is your community baker. As your baker and neighbor, I believe in giving back and supporting the community where my family and I live, work and play.


While I appreciate and value all charitable organizations, being a new small business I am extremely limited to the amount of donations I able to make. I take careful consideration when reviewing each donation request, however priority goes to organizations that are focused on Children and Senior Citizens. Organizations raising funds for medical research involving cancer, meniere's disease, and MS specifically, are also given priority consideration.


The Sugar Fairy Bakes is pleased to provide Product Donations in the form of cupcakes, cakes, cookies and other baked goods to approved donation request recipients. Also available is a Generated Sales Share Donation. This form of donation is currently the only cash donation that is available. Generated Sales Share Donations are when The Sugar Fairy Bakes participates as an exclusive vendor in a high profile, high customer volume event. In return, a percentage of all sales made at that event are directly donated to the charitable organization. In some cases when a donation is unable to be approved, an offer of Discounted Pricing on requested product maybe available to your group or organization.


If your charitable organization is located within Mechanicville, Stillwater, Schaghticoke, Halfmoon and the surrounding areas, please email a request for donation to


Please be as detailed as possible in your request, making note of which type of the above mentioned donation you are requesting. Be sure to provide date, times, location and approximate head counts, and any other important details.


Requests must be provided at least 8 weeks in advance of the need or event. If the need or event falls around the holiday season, it is strongly recommended that requests be made 4 or more months in advance.

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