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Meet Alex

Baker - AKA The worst employee ever 

Alex is a wifey, mommy, crazy cat lady, chicken whisperer, and Stacie’s BFF for the past 20+ years;  Alex is part of the original pie crew from back during the days Stacie ran the bakery out of her home. Stacie affectionately nicked named her "the worst employee ever" due to questionable attendance, but truth be told with all kidding aside, Alex is a valued contributor to the fairy team.


Alex comes from a long line of bakers and restaurateurs and grew up baking with her parents, aunts, and grandmother, eventually opening a restaurant with her parents and sister in 2008, where she was responsible for the homemade, family recipe desserts.


Alex is a ski bum in the winter and garden maven in the summer, but when not doing that, she likes to be in the mountains, hiking, and camping or binging on news, politics, and current events.

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