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Front Counter Supervisor

Meet Maddie

Maddie started with us as one of our front counter fairies in 2021 when we first opened the Mechanicville shop.  Due to her excellence in customer service, and her ability to exceed Stacie's expectations in cleanliness, suggestive selling, and the overall duties of a front counter fairy, Maddie was promoted to our front counter Supervisor for both the Mechanicville and the Malta bakeshops. 


When she's not working, she is usually spending time with her family and friends, enjoying music, and focusing on her art. Maddie has been drawing and painting since she was 5 years old, and has been obsessed ever since.


She loves to spend time with her pets. She has four cats and two dogs, who are all a handful. She really enjoys taking her dogs to the lake in the summertime and going on boat rides with them. Overall, the most important thing to her is her family, who made her who she is.

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