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Meet Stacie

Stacie is the owner of the Sugar Fairy Bakes LLC. She began baking from scratch at the age of 5, helping her disabled grandmother in the kitchen. These sweet memories turned into a favorite pastime. In 2019, after decades of hearing friends and family tell Stacie to sell her bakes, she finally decided to go into the baking business.

Stacie's true passion in life is her family. She is a mother of two incredible young adults and is happily married to her complete and TOTAL opposite. She is a lover of the sun, sand and surf. She insists that coffee, wine, margaritas, good food, sweet desserts, and heated blankets are all part of her life's basic needs. Although her bakes are sugar coated, she doesn't sugarcoat much else. She will tell you how it is whether you ask for the truth or not🤣 When she’s not tucked away in the kitchen, she enjoys cheesy rom coms and reading steamy romance novels because even though she knows that’s not real life, she likes to pretend it is! 💋


Stacie is also hearing impaired. She is bilaterally implanted with Cochlear Implants. Although these implants help her hear, the artificial hearing is not perfect. The masks everyone wears also do not help and she says men speak with “a mouth full of marbles” So… the day old question is, did she not hear what we said, or is she just ignoring us? 🤔😉

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