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If you've had a TSFB pie, you know that they're something truly magical. Some say it's because of the flakey, buttery, handmade pie crust. Others say it's the locally sourced, farm fresh produce that goes into each and every pie. Perhaps it's because the pies are sold to you having been made FRESH within 24 HOURS of going into your hands, NEVER FROZEN. (Although YOU can freeze them!)

Outside of their one of a kind deliciousness, the demand for an original TSFB pie is in high demand due to their limited availability. Because we only use fresh, locally sourced produce, pie season is limited to what fresh and local fruit we can get at the time. Therefore, each flavor is for a very limited time only. PIE FLAVORS will be based on what fresh IN SEASON produce we can get from the local farms we partner with. Depending on what’s in season, you will find: strawberry rhubarb, blueberry, mixed berry, raspberry, raspberry peach, ginger peach, cherry, apple, apple blueberry and other creative flavor combos. Pies are offered both in our signature handmade flakey double crust (the same crust used for our famous Fairy Tarts!) as well as our popular super crumb topping (the same topping used for our signature Super Crumb Coffee Cake!)


Prior to the opening of our brick and mortar shop, pies could only be obtained by attending one of our monthly pie tent sales (other than Thanksgiving). These sales took place once a month, where the Sugar Fairy would produce and sell over 100 pies per sale from her own home! People would arrive early and line up in their cars to wait for these delectable pies, which traditionally sold out within 20-40 minutes! Now that we have our shop, pie season 2023 will take place EVERY DAY in shop until September/October. Simply stop in store 205 Park Avenue, Mechanicville NY 12118 or 2110 Ellsworth Blvd, Malta NY 12020 during operating store hours to get yourself a delicious pie!

We offer full 9" pies as well as small individual 5" pies. Don't let the diameter fool you! Both sizes of these pies are overflowing with fresh fruit filling, making a 5" pie weigh nearly 1 lb and 9" pie weigh 3 lbs!

Just like our other case goods, there are no holds and no pre-orders for pies. They are first come, first serve!

Pie Tent Sales 2019-2021

Pies & Farm Fresh Produce

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