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Coffee Break Chat 10

Hey there guys! Happy May! If you are a true follower, then you know what the coffee chats are, so I’m just going to jump right into it!

Home Front: Nothing new or exciting. I live a pretty dull life now that the kids are older 😂 I’m loving the warmer weather and being able to get back outdoors (when I can actually escape the kitchen!) Son is still happily doing his thing up north. Daughter is looking forward to prom and summer vacation! Im looking forward to our stay-cation in July and my beach birthday weekend in August!

Bakery: ITS PIE SEASON!!!!! Personally pies are the one item I least like to create. But I love pie season because I get to see all your smiling faces instead of just your front door! (More on seeing your faces below) The one thing I miss most about my farmer market days is the customer interaction . I get to experience that with the pie tent sales. The first sale is NEXT SATURDAY May 29th. Be sure to swing by and grab a fresh made pie for your Memorial Day BBQ! All the details about this pie sale and future ones can be found on the website. Check it out!

Summer brings a more limited daily special menu than usual. My wholesale picks up which requires my full attention for 2 days, every week. Secondly one week out of the month is dedicated to pie prep and the pie sale. Then we have the usual cookie subscription which takes up 2-3 full days for me to prep the monthly shipments. Somewhere in between there are a few custom orders, and a day off here and there for me. This leaves very few daily special

says. With having the limited daily special menu you will also see that some of your favorite items are not available at this time. This is in part to make room for some other delicious treats that do better in the hotter temperatures, but mainly I don’t want you to get tired with the “same old same old” What is your favorite today, could get old and boring if you have it regularly 😉 So keep your eyes open for some different types of treats you don’t see me offer too often. Oh, by the way... those HUGE 6oz “Levain” cookies are coming back next month! In TWO flavors as are my Fairy Fudge Fancies!!

Smiling Faces: CDC says face masks can be

removed for those vaccinated. I will NEVER be political on my business page, so where I stand on this is not of importance. I will however say this. I have ALWAYS left the decision to wear a face covering up to YOU. On a day to day basis I operate off of a contactless pick up and delivery business model. The only time I have one on one interaction with a customer is at the monthly summer pie sales. I have never enforced mask wearing at these events and I will not start now regardless of your vaccination status. This is my decision simply because of the way the event is set up. For starters we are OUTSIDE. The safest place to be. We are NOT in close contact with each other as there is a 8 foot table separating us. I only service ONE carload AT A TIME. That means there is NEVER a crowd huddled together on my lawn. However, as always, should you feel safer wearing a mask when coming up to my table to purchase a pie, then I welcome you to do so freely with no judgment just as I always have.

One last thing on the bakery front before I sign off. I try extremely hard to never have to raise my prices and so far I have been successful! Instead of raising prices or cutting the quality of my product I find other areas (such as finding different packaging) to cut cost when needed. Unfortunately right now with gas prices increasing every single day I need to make some changes. I will be posting more about this on my social media outlets in the coming days but I wanted to let you all know now. Effective June 1st I will be implementing a small delivery fee on every delivery, regardless of total purchase amount. This fee will be $3 which is the same amount as some of our local pizza shops charge. I ask that you please keep in mind this delivery fee is not a tip. The delivery fee helps offset the cost of gas and the wear and tear on my vehicle to get the goods to you. Although a delivery fee will now be charged, the minimum purchase amount for delivery is still required. I promise this fee will not be forever. Once gas prices go down again I will at that time go back to offering free delivery. As always, pick up as an option if you would like to avoid this fee.

I think that’s all for now. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Ask away. comment below or send me a private note and I will respond. I love hearing from my clients whom I affectionately call my “support group” Without you, there would be no TSFB !

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