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Coffee Break Chat: 5

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Hello TSFB fans! Welcome to Summer!

For those of you who don’t typically follow along, each month I do a “blog” type post where I catch up with my fans on all things TSFB. Usually I posts these on Facebook in the “notes” tab then transfer them here to the website, but my hard drive went on my lap top so I only have my phone to use right now, and unfortunately FB limits what I can do from a phone.

Anyway.... so if you remember correctly I mentioned my son was taking a job up north. Well that happened. We moved him to Lake Placid just over 2 weeks ago. Hardest thing I’ve ever done as a parent is watch my first born move out. It’s so hard not seeing him every day but thank god for text and Snap Chat! My husband can’t comprehend the reason behind my tears but is supportive none the less. They were non stop for the first 48 hours (like serious ugly cry lol), so Mr. Fairy took me out for Margaritas. After a few drinks the tears seemed to turn off. The sadness is always present, and the tears return every now and then but not to the same magnitude as they were the first couple days. My son however is loving life in the mountains . He no longer has to take a 2 hour drive to hike a high peak, and he can swim in his favorite lake every day. He enjoys living in a outpost and everyone he has met so far. The job it’s self is “ok“. Ideally it’s not the position he wants or the type of works he wants to d, but understands it got his foot in the door and got him to the location he wanted to be in.

Our family dog is also going crazy without her favorite human around. She is very sad and walks around looking for him. Lays at the top of the stairs at night watching the front door waiting for him to come home. It’s totally heartbreaking watching her.

My daughter is good. Enjoying the start of summer break. Still looking for a summer job , but not many places hire young teens with no real job experience. ( another reason why I need to go brick and mortar! When I was a kid there were things called summer jobs that were geared towards teens. Now and days these jobs just don‘t seem to exist!) Shes adjusting to being a “only child”. More chores and more attention AKA ”suffocation“ from mom lol!

On the bakery side of things ITS PIE SEASON!!!!! If you haven’t had the opportunity yet to try one of my pies, you definitely need to make sure you attend next months pie sale! I only offer pies June -September then again Thanksgiving. My pies are available for a limited time, because I only use fresh produce that I can get from local farms inside of those pies (at the end of summer I freeze batches of produce to keep for Thanksgiving pies). In addition to the locally sourced fillings, my crust is flakey, moist, and flavorful and 100% hand made.

Last summer you were able to get these pies a couple times a week at local farmers markets, however this year I’m not participating in the Farmers Market’s so they are only available once a month when I do a tent sale dedicated to pies (or by visiting Buhrmaster Farms, one of my wholesale accounts.) The limited time, and limited availability makes a already high demand product, even more sought after. This first month I had two incredible tent sales. The first sale sold out in an hour and the second was a record sell out in 22 minutes!!! It literally looked like a parade wrapped around my house with the line of cars park to get their pie!!! I am just beside myself in joy due to the awesome turn out and I can’t thank you all enough! Also everyone who showed up, you were fantastic with following the social distancing rules of one customer per time at my tent and table, making the entire sale very smooth with absolutely no hiccups or problems. Thank you! For the July tent sale I will be introducing cherry pies and possibly peach if they are ready to go, otherwise will see peach In August. Strawberry rhubarb has come to an end, until next year. Blueberry, and mixed berry will be available all summer, Apple comes late August early September and depending on harvesting, I may do some other flavors as well.

If you follow along with the daily specials, you will see that after this Monday my daily specials are on pause for two weeks and will start back up again on July 13. This is because I am making and donating over 400 decorated sugar cookies to the Mechanicville school district graduates. These cookies will be given to grades K, 5th, 8th, and 12th in a goodie bag that I have created with the help of several other local businesses in our community and these bags will be given to the graduates the day of the graduation ceremony. A huge thank you to Bubbles, Country Living, MACSC, DeCrescente, and Undeniable Nutrition in helping me to create these goodie bags! #onemechanicville !

In regards to custom orders I am currently booking for second week in August and beyond. No openings for July. Thank you for keeping me busy!

Although not on the July line up, I am planning on offering up Summit Snacks at some point this month. With the warmer weather many of you are being more active, hitting the trails, etc or trying to lose the “quarantine 15“ and my Summit Line offers the best snacks for this! Keep

an eye out on Facebook where I will announce them once available.

Lastly, id like to touch on something I’ve never discussed before. This has never come up because getting complaints or negative feedback isn’t something that really happens to me. Not because I’m perfect because I absolutely am not, rather I’m 100% human, but because I put so much care and dedication and attention to detail and everything that I make. Each and every order is treated equally, demanding the same amount of quality as anything else I make. If I personally am not 110% satisfied with the outcome of a product I do not put it out there in the customers hands. However sometimes things do go unnoticed , and mistakes happen. In the event you are ever unsatisfied with one of my products please, please let me know IMMEDIATELY. Return the product to me right away and we will discuss what went wrong, and I will offer solutions on how to make it right. Unfortunately if you wait 2,3,4 or more days to bring it to my attention and you no longer have the product to show me, there is not much I can do. If you transport your bakes incorrectly, or store them incorrectly, there is also nothing I can do. But if the product is not up to my usual standard due to my wrong doing I want to make it right. So please keep this in mind should you ever run into a issue with one of my bakes.

I think that’s all for today. Thank you so so much for the continued support. Have a sweet day!

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