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Coffee Break Chat: 6

Hello my friends! Welcome back to The Sugar Fairy Bakes monthly chat.

July certainly flew right on by, and what a busy month it was! I made and donated 426 sugar cookies for the Mechanicville School District graduates, as well as organized and stuffed goodie bags for the same students, thanks to the help of many local small businesses who contributed to the bags.

The kids were not the only graduates this month either. I personally graduated from a DBA to a LLC! (What a nightmare that’s been, but in the long run its just another step in the right direction for my little bakery business.

Really though, I just cant believe its almost August already! While I love all things warm, and sunny, I am very much looking forward to autumn. Although I prefer the warmer temps, over the icy cold winters NY brings, these 90 + degree days are just too much for me. Especially when i’m in a kitchen with an oven running for 12+ hours! Also, autumn means all my seasonal fall flavors like pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, maple, and even chia will be introduced. But don’t get too excited yet, we still have August to through! :-)

Speaking of August, did you notice the first week of specials are live on the website? My birthday is in August so I figured I would celebrate by offering individual cake slices this month. Also I brought back the popular Sampler Bakery Basket, and I’m so looking forward to National S’mores Day on 08/10. S’mores are one of my most favorite treats ever! Also whats another month without another pie sale? Being the pie sale is scheduled for 08/31 I should have a new in season fruit... any guesses what it could be? You have all been asking for it all summer long!

On the home front guess who finally got a job!?!?!?! Yup Miss Jr Fairy got herself her very first job! If you remember correctly, I had mentioned in previous posts how my daughter had been trying to land a summer job since early spring. Between COVID and businesses just not wanting to hire kids, she was having zero luck. Well her persistence with many follow up calls, paid off and she was hired at a local supermarket. I’m so proud of her. (Now, lets see if she can keep the job :) LOL! Joking! She will do great I am sure!)

My son is thriving in the Adirondacks. Today he will officially have completed 40 of the 46 ADK high peaks, and he has completed many of the “challenges” associated with these mountains. He has done this in exactly one years time. I am so proud of his dedication and determination, and love seeing him accomplish goals that he is so passionate about.

As always thank you for reading and supporting my dream.

Remember, all my recipes are made with seasonal locally sourced ingredients in order to give you the freshest product possible. I bake a large variety in small batches daily. Always from scratch, never prepackaged or full of weird preservatives and ingredients you cant pronounce. Just real, old fashion, homemade goodness, the way grandma would have done it!

Daily specials can be found on

Thank you! Have a sweet day!

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