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Coffee Break Chat 8

I used to publish these on Facebook but the social media site removed the option I used to create and publish them. Luckily the website has a blog section, and the FB postings have been moved over here to this page. If you take the time to read it, please comment or give the post a like so I know you’ve seen it. 🥰

If you followed along on the FB coffee chats then you know it is a monthly blurb (although it’s been several months since I lasted posted) where I share details on my person life, and give you first glimpses at bakery insider info not yet shared publicly. Like.......

I have a investor!!! TSFB will be going brick and mortar!!! But not just yet. The investor is contingent on location, and finding a location that accommodates my vision has proven to be challenging. Malta is the preferred location, but we are willing to consider surrounding areas for the right property.The trouble comes because I refuse to go into a strip mall or plaza. The building must be a stand alone, and must be commercial zoned, preferably have an old farmhouse feel or old general store type design. Think Old Fashion. I have my realtor actively looking so fingers crossed.

Updates: Son is still in Lake Placid. His seasonal employee status became permanent. He is loving life up there and doing well.

Daughter is killing it her Jr year. Shes managing to maintain honor roll as a virtual student while working. She is happy Cheer has started back up and is very excited for Prom.

Mr Fairy, was promoted and is now at his company’s Clifton Park location, waiting to move into their new building in Malta in 3 short months. He is also hiring! Know anyone who needs a job? They should contact the Parts Department at Mohawk Chevy! As for me, I’m very much so looking forward to warmer weather! I hate winter!!! I promised myself that this year I was going to have a better work life balance and enjoy some of the nice weather coming our way, so I will definitely be switching things up a little bit with my baking schedule. Currently, I’m prepping for what I hope is a busy spring and summer season. We have Easter, Mothers Day, Graduation (Dont forget the adopt a grad gift baskets) Fathers Day and PIE SEASON!!! I’m also considering doing a pop up shop once a month. It would be a in person sale at my home like my pie sale, but I’d offer a variety of treats like I did for my Farmer Market Days. Any interest in that? If so, what do you think about Saturday? or should it be a weekday evening? I’m also hoping to launch the Summit Snack ™️ subscription service but I’ve run into a few bumps with this and it’s taking longer than I had planned, so stay tuned for that.

Well, thats all for today. The butter bundts have cooled and its time to package! Back to the kitchen I go! Don’t forget to comment or like so I know you've seen this. I’d also love your input on the monthly pop up shop idea! Have a question for me? Ask below!

Thanks for reading. Have a sweet day!!! 👩🏻‍🍳

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