Coffee Break Chat 9

Happy Spring! The snow is gone, the flowers and tree buds are blooming 😍 (the mosquitoes are out 😡) that could only mean one thing.... 🥧 PIE SEASON is near! Whether you are an old pro, or new to TSFB and you need details about my pie season or want to mark your calendar’s (trust me, you want to mark your calendar) with this year’s dates , then visit the website as there is now a page dedicated to my pie season. All the info you could want or need is posted there.

Along with Pie season comes a change in my baking schedule. Although I offer wholesale year round my wholesale is definitely much busier during the summer months when I sell at local farm stands. Im happy to announce that this year my bakes will be returning to Buhrmaster Farm in Scotia. So all you Glenville / Scotia TSFB Fans will be able to get your fix much easier ! Also, I’m super excited to share with you that my pies will be found right here in town at Bubbles!!! So be sure to save room for dessert!

May is a crazy month. The farm stand starts up, in the beginning of the month, May 3rd-7th is Teachers Appreciation week, Mother's Day is May 9th (1 of my 4 busiest holidays and ordering is NOW OPEN), May 6th - 12th is Nurses Week, Graduate Baskets become available for the Adopt a Senior event, and its the first Pie Sale of the season! In between are the normal Daily Special and the Cookie subscription. Phew! I’m already exhausted but I love it!

Unlike last year I will not be doing any special items for teacher appreciation or nurses week however I am still offering the Gift of Caring so if you wish to purchase a daily special and have it delivered with a note to a teacher or a nurse somewhere I would be happy to do so. I will also be bringing back my “Cookies for Nurses” promotion during nurses week. What this entails is for every purchase of $25 or more, I will make and donate one dozen cookies to local nursing facilities. As far as Daily Specials go, they will be somewhat limited and not on a exact schedule. For the MOST PART, daily special will be available Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays of each week. However, I need time to prep for cookie subscriptions and the monthly pie event, as well as any holiday promotions. that means those weeks will be limited to those events. Each months schedule will be a bit different based on if there is a holiday or not. I also have a vacation in July, and a long weekend in August. (Both MUCH NEEDED) I will be offering one Saturday a month as a dedicated Daily Special and that Saturday will change each month. Basically just keep a look out on Social Media and the website so you don’t miss out. As far as custom orders go (birthdays etc, anything for any day that I am not currently offering) I AM BOOKED FOR THE SUMMER! Thank you for keeping me so busy!!

In other news, as far as the storefront goes, I’ve had a few showings of possible locations but nothing is really giving me that “wow“ factor. I’m willing to make some compromise but if I’m going to go into debt hundreds of thousands of dollars and basically spend the next 30 years of my life at this location doing this job, then it really needs to be perfect. Although I need and want a commercial kitchen with storefront like yesterday, i’m not going to rush into anything. I’m finding it very challenging to find the special and unique type of property that I want in the location that my investor and I want. I may have however come up with a fantastic idea that I proposed to my investor and he definitely was intrigued. He is looking into the logistics of it, so fingers crossed that my idea may be the ticket that we’re looking for!

No new news on the Homefront . I guess no news is good news ! Everybody is healthy and well, just going through the motions of each day.

As always thank you for reading and your continued support. From the bottom my heart thank you for keeping me so busy I appreciate each and everyone of you ! 👩🏻‍🍳💕

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