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Coffee Chat 12 & 13 :

Hello Friends! If you are a TSFB old

pro and long time fan, then you know these blog posts are a little something extra I do to stay connected with you all. I try to be consistent and post monthly but life gets in the way, or there just really isn’t anything exciting to discuss. This month I’m combining June and July (although not over yet) into one post and sharing with you the details of our long overdue, very badly needed vacation.

June, brought us prom, the end of the school year, a new job for my mountain boy, a new job for my daughter, my 14th wedding anniversary, my husband’s birthday and a fantastic Father’s Day pie sale, along with a ton of graduation orders! It was a busy month for sure! On top of that, I have been dealing with a leg injury which occurred the morning of the May pie sale and is still lingering on. We really don’t know what is wrong. I’ve been x-rayed, had an ultrasound, and given antibiotics yet my leg and foot still become swollen, sometimes double its normal size. Unfortunately being on my feet in the kitchen for long hours isn’t helping so I had to take a couple days off in June from wholesale to rest, ice, and elevate. They gave me antibiotics for fear of a infection and they seemed to help but this appears to be a ongoing issue so I will be following up with my PCP and see where that goes.

I started the month of July off in the most delicious way!!! On July 1st I picked up 100 POUNDS of FRESH GEORGIA PEACHES!!! Seriously there is nothing in the world like them! If you’ve never heard of The Peach Truck, I strongly encourage you to check out this amazing family owned business. (Not to be confused with Peach Brothers truck) I have so many delicious peach items coming your way at the pie sale! Several peach pie varieties, peach muffins, and cobblers. Yummmm!!

July also brought a much needed, long overdue vacation for us. (I actually spent the morning of our first full day of vacation in the kitchen making a huge peach blackberry cobbler🤷🏻‍♀️ #bakersgonnabake)

Sadly the weather our entire vacation mostly stink stank stunk, but we found a lot of lemonade amid the lemons!

We kicked off the 4th of July weekend with backyard shenanigans riverside at my moms house. Lots of rain but we managed to get one good sunny day and dry night. A life long friend and her family came for a extended weekend. Even with all the rain we managed to have several bonfires, roasted my favorite s’mores, kayaked, fished, and floated lazily in tubes! My moms next door neighbor put on a great firework display on the 4th and we took advantage of the front row seats! (We also we’re able to view 2 other firework displays from across the river at the same time!)

On Monday when we had picture perfect weather, we drove up to the Adirondack mountains to visit my mountain boy.

Due to my Ménière’s disease, I can not hike, and it was very important to him that we experience the breathtaking summit views that he is so passionate about. Luckily for us, Whiteface Mountain has been made motor vehicle accessible. Although this type of construction goes against everything my environmentalist son believes in, he was ecstatic to finally get me to a mountain summit and share that experience with him.

The views are absolutely incredible. Breathtaking really. Seeing his happiness of sharing that experience with us was priceless. However, as much as I can appreciate and enjoy the mountain landscapes, my heart truly lies with sea side landscapes…. which brings us to part 3 of our vacation.

On Wednesday we headed to one of our families favorite spots, coastal Maine. Although my true loves are the Gulf and the Caribbean, I have a general love affair with the ocean. Even the fidget Atlantic! While my daughter has the same love affair with the beach as I do (she’s my beech bum buddy) my husband however whole heartedly cannot stand anything having to do with sand, sun, or water (of any kind)) but he is a trooper and tags along wherever I bring him, even if it is with a scowl on his face !

Much like the 4th of July weekend, we didn’t have the best beach weather while in Maine. With 3 days and 2 nights there, we got ONE beach day. One!!! It was the most expensive 5 hours of my life! (Aside from my wedding day lol) We got about 5 hours of sun on Wednesday which I soaked up every last drop of, then the rest of the trip we spent in cold, grey, windy, wet weather. Of course we filled ourselves with fresh seafood as well and kept the drinks flowing (what else is there to do on a no beach-beach day?! We also visited some of our favorite sites, and played some games back at our rental cottage. We did enjoy ourselves even if we didn’t get the beach experience that we had planned on (the purpose of the entire trip)

Back home Friday and in the kitchen once again to create birthday treats for my honorary nieces birthday party which we attended on Saturday (with perfect weather)

Finally Sunday, “Mr. Fairy’s Day” landed he and I in Cooperstown so my husband could visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. After the museum, we stopped at the Red Shed Brewery for some amazing homemade, farm fresh, locally sourced lunch and house craft beers. After the end of a wonderful (but yet again wet and rainy) afternoon, it was back home for a good nights sleep then back to the grind Monday morning.

I really need a vacation from the vacation! I’m exhausted lol! It was a jammed backed, busy week for sure. But it was wonderful. We made a ton of memories, shared our days with some special people and most importantly Mr Fairy was forced into some much needed relaxation. Even if he would have rather been at work then on the river, a mountain top (major fear of heights he has) or on a beach! At least he enjoyed Cooperstown !

Now back to the grind. Im bringing you some delicious seasonal favorites as daily specials and yet another pie sale! July is the BEST month for pies in my opinion. The Peaches are the star of the show, but equally as delicious are the plump, juicy, sweet local blueberries that are in season along with the raspberries and blackberries. In the freezer I have some strawberries and rhubarb that I preserved from last months harvest, as well as apples from Saratoga Apple. Who’s excited?

With that, it’s time to close this months chat. Thanks for reading! Have a sweet day!

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