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Happy October !

Another month has come to an end and the holidays are right around the corner. Where the heck does time go?

Speaking of where does time go, my baby had her last first day of school this month! She is excited to "finally be" a high school senior, and is looking forward to all it entails. All the college stuff is a daunting task however. Financial aid, school loans, applications....where the heck does one even begin?! I really need someone to give me a step by step check list with detailed instructions LOL! Choosing a school is the easy part. She's known for years her plan is to stay at home the first year or two and save money, get her liberal arts out of the way at a inexpensive community college, then transfer to a 4 year college. She wants to remain in state so we have a school in mind for the 4 year as well. Fingers crossed we figure the rest of it out. I feel like we are running out of time and the school year has only just begun!

Back to bakery business...

Like you, I am sad that I had to let the cookie subscription go. It was a smashing success but I just could not keep up with it. The cost and time it took me to fulfill each month outweighed the rewards of the service. Logistically speaking, with the amount of subscriptions in demand, it will do well being produced in a commercial setting. You all know a brick and mortar storefront with a commercial kitchen is my goal, so eventually when that day comes, I will bring the subscription service back., I promise!

September marked the last official pie sale of the season. Id like to thank you all for yet another wonderful successful season. I so enjoy being able to connect with you in person, and be able to put faces to the names that I recognize from your online orders. The pie sales also generated several new TSFB fans as well. Welcome to the family!

If you have been a TSFB fan for a while now, then you know the Holidays are my busiest time of year. I pump out all kinds of amazing stuff and offer a large variety of unique and delicious gifts, party trays, and even do large cooperate orders. My customers who keep me busy all year long do not disappoint during the holidays, and in addition to my regulars, many of my followers who I call "extended family" resurface this time of year. These customers are much like your second cousin, twice removed on your mothers side! You know, you love them dearly, but you really only see them during holidays. LOL. Well, with the increase in customers, and the high demand for my holiday specialties, I sell out quickly so it is important that you pay close attention and place your orders as soon as ordering become available. Sneak peak of offerings can be found on the website at least a month before ordering opens so you can get a idea of what will be available and start planning. I actually plan my holiday menus and supply shopping beginning in September!

I'll kick the holiday season off with a new event this year. The Spooktacular Tent Event! This event will take place on Saturday October 23rd, and will be organized like a pie sale. I will have all kinds of fall and Halloween inspired baked treats! See the pie season page on the website for details.

On 10/25 Thanksgiving ordering opens up on the website. I have some things in the works, that will allow me to offer more in both quantity and flavor options this year. Not only will I have your traditional favorites Apple, Pumpkin, and Pecan, and the return of Cranberry Pear, but I have also included 4 NEW flavors, 1 of which was the extremely popular Apple Strawberry from this pie season. If my "in the works" project goes according to plan, and if it is humanly possible, I will also add CHEESECAKE to the list of offerings! Cheesecake will most likely be a last minute addition if it happens.... no promises on this. Also on the Thanksgiving menu will be my honey buttered dinner rolls. The poll I did on Facebook told me I could not omit them from the line up, so they will be available as well.

Christmas will be posted to the website for previewing sometime later this month, and will be open for ordering starting the day after Thanksgiving, I'm also offering a New Years Eve option this year! Lots of holiday deliciousness to look forward to!

In other news, and I know I've said this before, but I still hear from many of you that you "didn't know about it" …. PLEASE make sure you are following along on Social Media and are visiting my page directly from time to time. Facebook "hides" business pages in hopes to gain paid ads. I post 3 times a day typically. 7Am, 12 Noon, 7PM. If I am not popping up in your newsfeeds 3 times per day with current posts, than I am being hidden! Please go to may page directly and scroll through my pages newsfeed so you don't miss anything. I'm baking up something big that's coming soon, and I don't want you to miss it!!! (or any of the equally great smaller things I post about)

As always thank you for the continued support. if it wasn't for all you, I wouldn't be over here doing what I love!

Have a sweet day!

~ Stacie

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