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Coffee Break Chat: 4

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Hello friends! Has another month really come and gone? Seems like just yesterday I posted Chat 3! I have some exciting things coming up and couldn't wait to share them with you, so settle in and get comfy because this is going to be a long one! :-)

First have y’all seen my “Pop Up” Pie Tent Sale I am hosting THIS Thursday 05/28? My pies are seriously something special, and not just because of how delicious they are! You see I only offer my pies during the summer season when I can get locally sourced farm fresh produce to place into those pies. I try to overstock and freeze as much as possible so I can offer some the favorites for the entire summer as well as have leftovers for Thanksgiving, but thats hit or miss. Since I don’t offer them year round, they are in high demand when they come up for grabs! I figured such a special treat needed a special introduction to its season, so a tent sale at my home bakery it is!

You can find all the details on this sale in the posted event on my pages newsfeed or under the “Event Tab” on the top of my page. The details include address, time, parking, limited type of payments that will be accepted, and COVID protocol. Lastly, this sale is first come first serve, while supplies last event.

The tent sale is also a test run to see how “store hour” sales at my home work out. If it is perceived well, and has a good turn out, I may try to do a monthly event and offer the in-person sale. I have decided not to participate in the usual weekly farmers markets this season, as almost all of you prefer the delivery service, however, I know several of my customers are not within delivery distance, or enjoyed having a scheduled place and time to come out and say hello, and grab a treat. I want to accommodate everyone, so until I have my brick and mortar shop, I thought we would give this a try. (PS if you know of any available leases, with parking, in Mcville, Stillwater, or S’Coke, I'm all ears!)

Second thing I want to share is VERY exciting! I think once we get through the transition phase and get all the kinks worked out, you all will really love it.

Effective June 1st, I will be switching over to a website and online store! Because you are all so awesome, I have outgrown using Facebook to run my business. I need something that will provide a seamless experience from start to finish for both you and me! I work about 15 hours a day, and 5 of those hours (I kid you not! 5 easily!) are responding to Facebook messages and sending invoices, followed by organizing orders from messenger into my handy dandy notebook.

No more! Now whenever convenient for you, you will visit my website, click on “order online” and my weekly specials will pop up. You will “add to cart” and “check out” just as if you were ordering on Amazon! No waiting for me to respond or messing around with payment apps. I know Facebook is not a part of everyone's daily life, and Venmo, PayPal etc can be challenging for some of you, so this should eliminate all that for you while freeing up a ton of time for me to focus more on the things that really matter, like my family and baking. I will be posting the link to my Facebook, and I will continue to advertise and communicate with you using Facebook, my page is not going anywhere. But all ordering will be done through the new websites online store.

Both platforms will include my “About” info, the commonly asked Q&A, as well as this Coffee Chat blog, but orders will only be done via the website. So 05/31 Pop Tart special is order as usual via Facebook, but all next weeks special will be website only! Ill be posting the website link when I post the daily specials for next week which may not be until Saturday.... until then, get those 05/31 pop tart orders in! Oh! One more thing! If you are a small business owner and are looking to build or revamp your website send me a message. The young lady helping me with mine is fantastic! Shes going to school for PR and Advertising and is trying to boost up her resume. She has been a total godsend to me and so incredibly patient as I try to share with her my vision while knowing nothing about all this tech stuff!! I highly recommend her!

Lastly for who ever has been following my sons adventure as he makes his way up North to the ADK LOG, for his summer job, and his first home away from home, he finally has a move in date! This COVID nonsense has set him back over two months but he received word he is moving up in a little over 2 weeks! Its very sad, scary, and exciting all at the same time. For all you “Empty Nest Mamas”, how did you deal with your baby bird leaving home? Im experiencing so many different emotions, as he is too! My daughter on the other hand, is still waiting on her summer job. The Ice Cream stand she thought she was going to be working at, just opened up this past week, but they only took on a select few of return employees from last season and have all the new hires on stand by as they see what business will entail, so she continues to wait.

Well that’s all for this month! I hope to see you all at Thursdays Pie Sale! Enjoy the beautiful weather and as always, Thank You!

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