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COVID & Baking: One Year Later

Today marks one year for my current business model and I owe you all a huge THANK YOU. Without all of you, TSFB would have never survived the past year. Not only has my small business survived, it has a thrived!!!

Prior to COVID, I sold my bakes in person 3-4 days a week at local farmers markets and events. March 7th 2020 was the last time I did this.

This time last year I didn’t have a large social media presence (100-150 followers at most) and there was not a website. Although TSFB name was familiar to, and loved by local community members, it was nothing that would withstand the very long year that was waiting around the corner for us. Very quickly I had to come up with a game plan as closing up shop on my 8 month old business was not something I was willing to do.

I took a week to brainstorm ideas and put all my trust and hope into my community. You all did not disappoint!

What a whirlwind! THOUSANDS of orders AND HUNDREDS of new social media followers were coming out of the woodwork!

I’m not going to lie, it was incredibly overwhelming at times, and there were tears of joy and physical pain at times. There were several “trials and errors” in finding a way to meet the sudden demand while being a team of one, with no resources and minimal tools. It wasn’t just the 10 hours a day in the kitchen either. There was another 2 hours of door delivery, and 20+ hours a week of Facebook messages, PayPal, Square, and Venmo invoicing. Tons of pens

and 5 subject notebooks organizing your orders too! The best part is, it wasn’t a phase that died out. I had one customer say to me recently “The first time I ordered, it was because I was stuck home at the start of quarantine. I was bored, and I have a sweet tooth. I’ve heard of you, I saw your posts on Facebook and figured I’d give you a try. One taste is all it took. I found myself ordering from you 3-4 days a week and continue to do so. I have not been disappointed ” Thank you for sticking around!

Throughout Covid-19 bakers have popped up everywhere. Although you have options, you consistently choose me. Even if you checked the others out, you always returned back to me. Thank you for your commitment, loyalty, and continued support.

A year later I have developed a great business model and sales have been consistent and stronger than my pre-Covid operation. I’ve been able to donate and give back to my community and essential workers countless times. I’ve been able to put food on my families table, heat our home , and buy my daughter her dream prom dress. Because of your support, I’ve been able to pay it forward and support other small businesses throughout the holidays, and when dining out. Thank you!

None of this would have been possible without you. So while we can all agree we are looking forward to putting the pandemic behind us and moving on to normal, I can say I am so grateful that out of all the crap 2020 gave us, it has at least brought us together.

I look forward to warmer weather, bringing you yet another pie season and more fresh baked awesome treats! Most of all I’m excited in seeing where this awesome journey takes me next with all of you by my side!

Thank you


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