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It’s been a while:

It's been a while. Over a year to be exact. A lot has happened since my last blog post but I'm not going to recap the past 15 months today. Today I'm here to talk about something's that is very near and dear to me. Something I have worked very hard towards and very hard to bring to life. Something that I still work hard for every day trying to ensure we are here to see tomorrow.

We’ve talked so much over the past couple years about the bakery’s beginning in 2019, and its creator Stacie Blair. How she started baking, when she started baking, and how The Sugar Fairy came to be. If you are unfamiliar with our story you can find this info on our website as well as in several tv and printed publications that have come out over recent years highlighting this woman owned small business. Today however I want to specifically talk about the Malta shop which is located on route 9 in Malta in the Ellsworth Commons Malta Shopping Center.

I think we can all agree, there's no such thing as too many places to gather and enjoy good food and drinks, nothing brings so much life and color into a community. There are so many bakery and coffee options in the great 518 that there is something for everyone. Those who are familiar with our bakery specifically, know that we produce a niche product. Because of our high quality ingredients, and everything being made from scratch we tend to come in at a higher price point than some of the others. While we may not fit everyone’s budget, our little bake and coffee shop has great potential, and I sincerely hope that it attracts the community and is able to reach the heights that we set out to achieve.

The framework that was set for The Sugar Fairy Bakes bakery and coffee shop is set to be more than a place to get a birthday cake. It’s been created to be a destination. A place to meet with a friend and catch up, a place to pause mid day and relax, a place to celebrate your child’s milestone. Great care was put into everything relating to this shop, and we believe it shows from the moment you come upon the entrance to the minute you get back in your car. We’ve put a ton of time, money, and effort into creating a warm, welcoming, clean, comfortable, and inviting space. From the outdoor patio tables and umbrellas and seasonal decore, to the indoor cozy charm complete with a window seating area with oversized conversation chairs. The dining room seating with tables and high back crushed velvet chairs, photographs throughout of  employees and family members all contributing to our story. Details like mixer attachment pendulum lighting, old fashioned baking tools on display, and a giant custom made whisk, keep with the baking theme. The “Fairy Blue” bakery bags, “Fairy Blue” straws and "Tiffany Blue" bakery boxes are just a few physical characteristics creating brand recognition and part of what makes our space so unique.

Sometimes dreamers and builders get caught up in the overall image and feel of the establishment and forget about what truly makes someplace like this great: the food and service. We haven’t forgotten. We have put in a ton of time and money hiring and training teammates that will provide nothing short of exceptional service. Employees who are attentive, friendly, knowledgeable are part of what truly makes a place great. Our recipes are tried and true. Many handed down from several generations prior. We pride ourselves on using real butter and real eggs. We keep artificial ingredients and prepackaged ingredients (such as our food coloring, sprinkles and some item embellishments) at an extreme minimal, and preservatives are kept completely out of our creations. We make things in small batches, and we make them fresh every day. We stick with what we know and excel at  a which is true old fashion baking.  We don’t dabble in the gluten-free, sugar-free, or vegan because that’s not where our experience lays. What we don’t personally make, we partner with other local small businesses that share in the same like mindedness and have an appreciation for quality and keeping it local.

Currently all production is done off site in our Mechanicville commercial kitchen and is delivered fresh every morning. We hope to eventually move all production to the Malta shop.  Until that time comes, we are utilizing our “spare space” to bring you events such as Paint and Sip where we parter with a local artist who leads a hands on paint party and we provide the sip (our latte flight). This space is also available to rent hourly for use of meetings, and we have party packages available for children’s birthdays . For more information on these events please visit our website, linked above.

If you have been thinking about visiting, please do. If you have already been, please come again. If you are on the fence about visiting us, read our reviews and give us a go! Humans are finicky. Taste and what is deemed valuable is a matter of personal preference and because of this we will never please everyone. However our reviews speak for themselves. Our customers love or product, love our service, and love the atmosphere. Come and decide for yourself. We are so excited for you sit by the windows with a specialty coffee, tea or lemonade and a fresh scratch baked treat. Relaxing, conversing with an old friend, reading a book, or studding. This is all part of the experience we set out to provide our community.

We are The Sugar Fairy Bakes. Your community bakery and coffee spot. Where happiness is homemade

📍2110 Ellsworth Blvd Malta NY

Wednesday-Sunday 8am-3pm

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