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Over 260 Choices!

Did you know there are over 160 NYS REGISTERED home processors in Saratoga County? That’s over 160 bakers like myself. 👩🏻‍🍳💜

There are another 100 or so commercial home bakery’s, restaurants that bake in house, and traditional bakery storefronts, that are under NYS Dept. Of Health LICENSING in Saratoga County.


That’s over 260 legit, baking small businesses in Saratoga County ALONE. 😮WOW Props to the mom and pops!!! 💜

I’m willing to bet there is at least 1/4 (or more) of that many home baking “businesses” who are not registered or licensed by the state (doing things illegally and under the table). Unfortunately I know for a fact there are 3 just within the Mechanicville/Stillwater areas and 1 in the city of Saratoga 😡

My point? You have a LOT of bakery options.

The honest, legit ones and the “others”. Out of all your options you choose me. THANK YOU!

Not only do I bring 30 years of from scratch baking experience, and a combined 20 years restaurant/management experience to the table, but I took the time like many others to do things correctly and honestly. I even went above and beyond what’s required by the state and became ServeSafe Certified, and I am fully insured.

I am honored, humbled, and incredibly blessed to have you all as my loyal customers in a sea of bakers! I have the skill, the passion, and the drive, but all of you give me the success. Much thanks to each and every one of you 🥰

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