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TSFB Cookie Subscription REVIEW "Holy crap, they are sinfully delicious!"

Four months ago Stacie started the cookie subscription. I decided to jump on board and become an inaugural member of this subscription. I initially debated on whether or not to do the full year or shorter subscription. Ultimately, I decided I would go for the gusto and do the full year. Worst case scenario is I would not rescubscribe after the year. Between myself, my son, daughter and son in law one of us would like the cookies that month.

I had no idea what Stacie had planned for cookie flavors, but I was happy to go with it. I think that is part of the appeal of the cookie subscription, the surprise. I have not been disappointed with any of her amazing bakes so far, so I knew this would work out well. Stacie offered one and a half pounds of cookies, that is all the information she really gave us. She also stated she had over 200 cookie flavors in her arsenal so how could it not work out? There was also the added bonus bake for the year subscription.

Her first month, October 2020, she went with two classics; chocolate chip and sugar cookies. I loved that there were two different flavors to choose from. The bonus item was her amazing hot cocoa bomb. All three were absolutely fantastic.

November gave us four flavors to sample; chocolate scotchies, java chip, maple pecan and cranberry white chocolate cookies. The bonus item was her cranberry orange walnut loaf. Every one of these were fantastic. With the Maple pecan being my favorite from that selection.

December she upped the cookies to 2 full pounds of cookies, and that is what she now does for the subscription. This brought us peppermint mocha, hot cocoa, Italian ricotta, gingerbread molasses, brown sugar cinnamon, peanut butter kiss and mocha mint chip. This month’s bonus was four flavors of fudge; Andie’s mint, chocolate peanut butter cup, hot cocoa and sugar cookie. Let me tell you all four of us enjoyed all of these treats.

We start the new year of 2021 with two flavors; white chocolate macadamia nut and oatmeal scotchies and the bonus for the month is one of her signature brownies. Well let me tell you, I have sent Stacie messages about many of her products but this month she got this response; “Holy crap, they are both sinfully delicious!” Both flavors were absolutely amazing! The white chocolate macadamia nut being by far my favorite cookie of her's that I have had so far. Offering at least two flavors a month was brilliant! If you aren’t crazy about one flavor there is another to choose from. I assume most people ordering the cookie subscription are households of two or more, so there is something for most people.

I have been extremely happy since October, and I know for sure that I will be a very long term cookie subscriber. Stacie’s bakes are really amazing, and if you are on the fence jump over and take a chance. I honestly think you will NOT be disappointed. I cannot wait until next month! Enjoy!

Kathy Dorsey, Mechanicville, NY

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