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“You’re not a REAL Bakery”

All too often I hear my competition referred to as a “real” bakery, or a “real” restaurant. Here’s the scoop for those of you who are not in the creating and selling of food business.

ANYONE running a business in the food service industry is REAL. I don’t care if you are a hot dog stand on the street corner, you are REAL. We all work the same long grueling hours. We all have to follow the same health codes, pay the same business taxes, pay for the same insurance. The only basic difference between a home based business, a food truck, and a brick and mortar commercial building, is the monthly cost to run the establishment. In fact the SMALLER OPERATIONS (the proper term you should be using) often work harder than the big guys as we have less help, and often have to handle all aspects of the business single handedly.

Just because you can walk in and purchase over the counter or sit down and dine in at a brick and mortar commercial bakery, restaurant, or cafe, does not make them any more real than my online preordered bakes, or the BBQ food truck who smokes the pig in his back yard.

I get what you mean when you say “real” but your choice of wording is wrong, and honestly offensive, even if that is not your intent. (and I promise you, I do not get offended very easily.) The thing is, you are devaluing my hard work, my dedication, and my success by insinuating that because I do not have a brick and mortar commercial storefront, that I am not the real deal. Do my job for one day, I promise you will see just how REAL my operation is.

As a side note, this rant isn’t directed at anyone specificity, specially not my wonderful, loyal customers. It’s just something that I hear thrown around on social media groups, and blogs. (mostly by bloggers, foodies, etc.)I want them to know and any others who might be confused, that my small business is just as important and REAL as the corner pizza shop, the 5 star restaurant, and the strip mall bakery.

#SupportSmallBusiness #supportlocal #saveourlocals (Thats includes me too!)

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