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What is a Summit Snack™?

A Summit Snack™ is a high calorie, high protein, high fiber, no refined sugar, energy source for active individuals who are looking for an all natural, healthy fuel without a crash and burn. These are not a diet snack: remember they are high in calories! Think of a cliff bar, a kind bar or other protein bars that you might find on the store shelves. Summit Snacks™ Are basically the same thing, the only difference being they are homemade and do not contain any preservatives or artificial add ins, and unlike what you find in the store shelves these actually taste great!!

"I ordered from the Summit line in hopes of finding a healthy and delicious snack for work. I ordered the Chocolate Chip Protein Balls & Almond Joy bars.  They exceeded my expectations!!! I will definitely be purchasing more" -Lisa M Marcella

Summit Snacks™

This particular line by the Sugar Fairy Bakes LLC is unlike any items you will find in any bakery. When you think of traditional bakery items, you think of sweets and sinfully delicious treats like cake, cookies and breads. A Summit Snack™ is the exact opposite! (Although still incredibly delicious)

"The Summit Snacks™ are to die for!!! If we are going on a hike or even for the kids w/ sports.... these are our go to snack!!! Easy, delicious and packed full of protein for energy!!" -Cherie Benham


What items are included in the Summit Snack™ line?

Currently we offer energy balls that come in a variety of different flavors, including balls that come with added protein powder. We also offer several different varieties of granola power bars, cookies, and homemade sinfully delicious granola.

"I had ordered the Summit Snacks™ and I have to tell you they were FABULOUS!!! So tasty and fortified with all natural goodness. Will totally order more next time. Love the idea that they can be frozen too." -Tracey Nealon-Lotano

What ingredients are used in Summit Snacks™?

Unlike traditional bakery items that are high in sugar, Summit Snacks™ contain no refined sugar. Instead, they are sweetened with locally sourced farm fresh honey and farm fresh maple syrup. Oats are the primary staple in every single Summit Snack™ item. These oats along with the above mentioned natural sweeteners are combined with nut butters such as cashew, almond, and peanut butter (this is where the high calories come into play) as well as powerhouse ingredients such as: chai and flax seeds, whole and sliced almonds, cashews and other nuts, dried fruit, fresh shredded coconut, coconut oil, all natural vanilla. In a few selections, dark chocolate chips are added to the mix to create these one-of-a-kind snacks. Some varieties also include vanilla or chocolate whey protein powder.

"These things taste 1000% better than the mass produced protein bars that I've had in the past! Packed with proteins AND flavor -- can't beat 'em!" -@adkwoodswalker


"The only "problem" with Summit Snacks is that they won't last very long if you make the mistake of sharing them with your fellow hikers. They  don't sit so heavy, AND they're absolutely delicious!" - Chrissie Morrison

Where did the Summit Snacks™ line get its name?

I started creating these all natural energy snacks for my son several years ago when he was a high school athlete participating in track and football, and MMA training. Later, as his love for high peak mountains grew and he began his journey to be a Adirondack 46er. He started eating the snacks more often and sharing them with his fellow hikers. They gave him the proper healthy nutrition that he needed to sustain the energy to complete this difficult physical activity, without feeling weighted down or having a crash and burn. The name originated from his girlfriend. Upon the top of one of the mountain summits, she snapped a picture holding up my cherry almond power bar. She posted this picture to her social media with a caption that stated “@thesugarfairymechanicville she makes the absolute best summit snacks!! go check her out” from there the snacks became their own snack line at the bakery and have been loved by many athletic individuals around New York State. Recently the name Summit Snacks has become a registered trademark under common law.

Where can I get Summit Snacks™?

Summit Snacks™ are currently available once a month as a Daily Special. Special requests for Summit Snacks™ in bulk are accepted with advance notice and based on the bakeries availability. Summit Snacks™ sustain a shelf life of up to one week when kept on the counter in a airtight container, several weeks when kept in the refrigerator in an airtight container, and several months when frozen.

Nutritional Facts:

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